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Funding & contract services

3rd Sector Funding
"There is never enough money"; "We can't employ high quality advisors"; "None of our activity is sustainable because we don't know if we will be able to pay next year's rent"; "We've had applications rejected, and we don't know how to write a better application"; etc. We have all been there and it's never pleasant. Talk to us about your funding needs. We provide assistance with bid & tender writing. We'll even help you put together a consortium and find you the right partners. Not just that, we can help you implement and deliver if you are successful!

The Paper Chase
Contractual requirements, documentation, management information, reports, statistics, reviews, evidence, the list never ends. We can help you develop a sophisticated work flow system that is easy to follow, easy to understand & explain and importantly, easy to maintain. The fabled ‘paperless office' has been proven to be a myth, but we come close.

Outreach & Engagement Services
Sometimes you'd rather be doing what you do best – training people or helping them find jobs. Except, you're having trouble getting people through the door. We can help. We can assemble outreach teams in no time, regardless of the target client group.

Post Placement or Training Support
One of the most under-rated functions of any contract, tracking individuals after they have qualified or started work is starting to become the focus of all future funding. We can help by regular communication with those that have completed their course or found employment through your efforts.

Brokering Partnerships, Training & Consortia
Looking for a particular type of training? A partner for your funding application? A partner for referrals or outreach work? Sharing premises? Ask us.

For more information on how we can help you with funding or contract services, give us a call or email us on:


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