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About us

Effectuality started in 2002, as a self-help book, designed to help individuals sharpen their job search and presentation technique, to be more aware of their skills and to project them in a way that best ‘sold’ them. Following years of research and development, Effectuality has grown to encompass far more than just a CV workshop and a motivational book.

The years since 2002 have seen us gaining insights into every aspect of welfare to work (W2W); from outreach work to advising, from managing vacancies with employers to managing partnerships, from creating new methods of intervention to helping shape social policy and from writing tenders & proposals to helping implement programmes exceeding millions. Along the way we have learned what works and what doesn't, what takes people forward and what keeps them standing still, what develops and empowers individuals and what drags them into despair. We have learned of the stalls and roadblocks that prevent sections of society from doing as well as others, we have learned that assimilation and integration are not the same thing and that even the most skilled helpers sometimes need help.

In the pages that follow, you should find plenty of information about what we could do for you or your organization. Please feel free to phone us or email us with any questions you might have about our services.


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